Things You Should Consider When Choosing A Nursery For Your Child

Choosing a Day Nursery for your child is a very important decision and time should be taken to make sure that you fully understand the strengths and weaknessess of any nurseries you visit.

In order to help you go through the process, which will be for the first time for many, please find below some important questions that you should ask each prospective nursery to better understand what you and your child will be getting.

OFSTED Report (Office for Standards in Education)

OFSTED provide an independant report detailing a number of very important areas for every registered childrens  day nursery. This report is an invaluable way to find out how well, or not, a day nursery conducts itself.

You can visit OFSTED at  and search the inspection reports section for a particular day nursery.

Playtime Tolworth is rated Ofsted GOOD.

Playtime Chessington is rated Ofsted GOOD.


Staff Turnover & Ratio's

Routine and familiararity are critically important in a childs early years and if a nurseries staff turnover is high this isn't ideal. A child should form bonds with staff, especially his or her key worker so having a stable staff base is very important. Don't be afraid to ask what a nursery staff turnover is like when you visit a prospective nursery.

It is also sensible to enquire what staff to children ratios the nursery operates. OFSTED set specific ratios for various age groups that are in the interests of the children. Playtime operate in direct accordance with these ratio's so that your child gets the right amount of attention and support.

General Facilities

The quality of the facilities that a nursery offers are also very important. This may range from having the minimum number of toilets per child to how large the garden or 'free flow' area is so your child can enjoy free movement and not feel restrained. Pay particular attention to the type and variety of facilities a day nursery has as ultimatey these are what your child will enjoy.