At Playtime we provide breakfast, Mid morning snack with a drink of milk or water, hot lunch with a drink of water,afternoon snack with a drink of milk or water, tea with a drink of water. Then at about 5.30pm we all come together for a little snack such as bread sticks/rice cakes with a drink.

In order to give you a feel as to what food your child will eat whilst at our nursery a typical menu example is outlined below. Vegetarian meals are available if required and all other cultural and dietary needs can be catered for.

Lunch and Tea Menu Autmn & Winter

Lunch and Tea Menu Spring & Summer 

 Meal times at Playtime are a learning experience  and children are encouraged to be independent and are given opportunities to pour own drinks, cut own food, to make their own snacks i.e buttering own crackers (older children).