A Standard Day at Playtime


7:00am: Open

7:00-8:30am: Children are welcomed, say goodbye to caregivers, have breakfast and enjoy free play.

8:30am: Music and movement/exercise time ready for circle time, where the children sing our welcome song and get ready for garden time.

8:45am: Free garden play

9:30am: Creative and learning activities and experiences; inside and outside & snack cafes

10:30am: Tidy up time and circle time

10:45am: Garden time or music and movement.

11:15am: Story time / singing time.

11:20am: Washing hands and getting ready for lunch.

11:30am: Lunch time

12:00-1:45pm: Tidy up time after lunch, wash time, quiet free play for older children, sleep time for younger children, and garden time for those children not sleeping.

1:00pm: Children with an “am” session are collected

1:00pm Children with a “pm” session arrive

1:45pm: Afternoon activities and learning experiences and snack cafes.

2:45pm: Garden time or music and movement depending on weather.

3:15pm: Story time/ circle time, wash hands for tea.

3:30pm: Children with a 3:30 session are collected

3:30pm: Tea time.

4:00pm: Garden (Weather permitting)

5:00pm: Free play of children's choice

5:30pm: Small snack time and stories before collection

6:00pm: Close. all children are to be collected by 6pm


Throughout day the children are offered many opportunities to be independent, be able to explore, and have the chance to get creative. All children's individual routines and needs including children extra specific care required are always followed.

All three of our rooms have the same structure of routine throughout but each room will plan its day to offer the children developmental activities and experiences based on each child's individual needs. Our baby room carries out a day less structured to accommodate meet their needs and routines, while the pre-school room prepares them for school-like environments with a more ordered day.

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If you have any detailed questions about the exact daily routines your child will enjoy while with us at Playtime please don't hesitate to contact us.