Welcome to the toddler room

For our children aged 2-3

It’s not easy. I’m realising the world no longer revolves around me like it did when I was younger. Still, life’s not so terrible. It’s just a bit complex and overwhelming at times. I’m trying to understand the world and my curiosity and drive sometimes look like trouble. I’m a force to be reckoned with, a busy brain on the go. (Don’t underestimate me)
— I am two

The toddler room accommodates children aged two to three years. They have a large play area where children have opportunities to explore with painting, sand, water, sticking and playdough. As the children’s concentration, interests and imagination develops, singing, story time, music and role play form a large part of their day.

Our toddlers, once out of the baby room, are given more chances of independence as they reach new milestones and hit big steps. They are given many opportunities to serve their own meals, pour their own drinks, drinking from open top cups, putting their own cups and bowls away. Many of our children begin potty training at this stage, and with a sack of spare clothes and many potty runs along the way, our staff are well equipped to help them through this important stage.

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Staff in this room plan activities both indoors and out around the child's individual needs and interests. They support the children to be happy, keen and confident learners with growing independence.


With a ratio of four children to one adult, our toddlers are given more chances to explore their expanding world, while still having someone close by for all the comfort and encouragement they need.